Team & Presenters


Tanja Meyburgh

Tanja offers one-on-one constellations in private practice, group workshops, training and supervision for facilitators. She is a highly qualified and experienced therapist, and has been facilitating constellations since 2003. As a pioneer of constellations in South Africa, she has a special interest in the African roots of Family Constellations.

African Constellations Founder

AC Experience Co-initiator and Team 


Nadia Khan Kimmie
Nadia offers individual and group constellation workshops to deepen the healing process of her clients, assisting them to see with their hearts and connecting them to the web of life. Nadia often incorporates clay and sound into her workshops. She says, “I am curious about the brokenness of our connections”.

AC Experience Co-initiator and Co-ordinator

AC Experience Team 

Evening Presenter 

Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter

Lindiwe is one of the first group of facilitators to train and graduate in Cape Town, in 2003. She is a freelance constellations facilitator with a special interest in trauma counselling, and she integrates systematic constellations into this work. Lindiwe’s previous training is in integrative humanistic counselling. For 22 years she has worked with various NGO/NPO’s in South Africa and Burundi. Lindiwe’s skills include working with groups of home-based caregivers that care for terminally ill patients. She facilitates self-care programs that include ways of dealing with burn-out.

AC Experience Team & Pre-Intensive Ceremony Co-Facilitator

Evening Presenter 

Thabile Zondi-Rees

Thabile specialises in relational issues (relationship with self and others) focusing on adults and couples. She also works with children and adolescents (ages 8-16 years) with emotional issues. Her skills include developmental work through coaching, family constellations and group analysis offering individual constellations, workshops and group therapy.  Thabile is also an initiated Sangoma.

AC Experience Team

African Phathla Presenter 


Erik Andersen

Erik has more than 15-years-experience teaching and facilitating meditation and other awareness practices. He is trained in Family and Inner-part Constellations, Kabbalah and Kriya Yoga. Erik has been in a wheelchair for most of his adult life and is passionate about guiding others in the spiritual technologies that have helped him. Erik is interested in the healing potential of human awareness and its practical application in group dynamics, personal and family/systemic healing interventions, and personal growth. Erik does heart-centred workshops, individually and with groups, in Arcadia, Pretoria.

AC Experience Team & Web Genius  

Evening Presenter 

Cathy Geils
Cathy is a clinical psychologist, family constellations facilitator and mother of two girls. She currently runs a private practice from her home in Durban, integrating constellations work into an holistic psychotherapy approach. Most of her professional life was spent in the South African public health sector, where her interest in transpersonal psychology first arose. Cathy has presented at international and local conferences on the topic of constellations work and is completing her doctoral research on the topic of family and systemic constellations and transformative changes in consciousness.

AC Experience Team & Presentation Co-ordinator

Evening Presenter

Christel Andersen

Christel has been involved in the tourism industry for the past 16 years. She worked as a sales agent for Lufthansa and trained as a South African Tourist Guide in 2003. She has accompanied hundreds of guests on tours throughout Southern Africa. Christel is the founder of ‘Souljourney’, a tour operator through which she plans and facilitates tours, journeys, events and other soulful experiences. As a born and bred South African she loves to share this special country, in all its facets, with the visitors who choose to travel with her.

AC Experience Travel Co-ordinator

Niall Campbell

Niall was born and raised in a rural area of Botswana. During the early 1980’s Niall began his training as a traditional diviner/healer under Hoseya Chaoke, who was originally from Zimbabwe. After Chaoke’s death in 1987, Niall continued training under Simon Sibanda, also from Zimbabwe. After qualifying as a diviner/healer, Niall furthered and deepened his knowledge with a number of different healers and elders of various southern African groups. Niall lives in Cape Town now, where he practices traditional medicine and works with both traditional and urban people to reestablish some of the deep understandings of ancestors and kinship. In 2013 he graduated through the African Constellations Institute as a Family Constellations Facilitator.

Four Nations of Ancestors Facilitator  

Karin Huyssen

Karin is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She has been involved in family constellations since 2002, presenting workshops since 2004, and training and supervising facilitators since 2011. She also runs ongoing closed constellation therapy groups. Her special interests include working with the effects of trauma; acute, complex and intergenerational. Her training in psychodynamic and systemic psychotherapy, Ego-State Therapy and Somatic Experiencing® inform her work, and she combines classical family constellations with these modalities in her inner-parts constellations method.

Morning Workshop Facilitator: Inner Parts


Sian Palmer

Sian is a Drama and Movement Therapist (registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa) and a Family Constellations facilitator. She is also the founder of ‘Expressive Movement South Africa’. Sian brings the Expressive Movement form as a supportive tool for constellations work and works alongside Tanja Meyburgh to offer ‘Ancestral Connections’. An expert in the field of embodied practice, Sian firmly believes that within the constellations work method, we can tap into the body’s wisdom as a means towards healing and growth.

Expressive Movement and Ancestral Connections Facilitator 

Sue Davidoff

Sue is a facilitator, teacher and writer. She is deeply connected to the places where we bring natural and social life together to facilitate a search for Self; and to the inner creativity necessary to enable a future that is truly alive. Sue is interested in the ways in which our relationship with Nature can be enhanced through constellations work. She loves being in the mountains and inside nature. Equally she feels inspired by moments of true meeting and is dedicated to walking the patient path of a non-reactive vision of the wholeness that is possible when we learn to really pay attention.

Phenomenological Observation Facilitator 

Lawrence Ngorora

Lawrence originates from Zimbabwe. Professionally, Lawrence studied Synoptic Meteorology in Russia, almost 20 years ago. Family and systems constellations offered him a link to the question of tracing his origin. Using the power of Awareness to realize individual personal leadership, Lawrence enquires about the illusion of self-identity, race and gender. In mixed groups of both men and women Lawrence helps participants to speak openly about the difficult topic of gender injustice. Using the model of deep democracy and self-inquiry, Lawrence is trying out new ways of welcoming and bringing to light that pain which hides us from active citizenry. He does this through dialoguing and ‘conversations that matter’, sometimes in wilderness settings.

Evening Presenter 


Karin Slater

Karin’s deep interest in different cultures and rural life has led her to documenting the lives of interesting people across the globe – from the Dagomba people in Ghana to the Shipibo people in the Amazon. Amongst other experiences, she has raised leopards and worked with a lioness and tigers while making wildlife documentaries. Karin’s films have screened at Sundance, Berlinale, Hot Docs, Museum of Modern Art, New York and she has won numerous awards including the Trailblazer Award for innovative and creative work in the field of documentaries at Mipdoc, Cannes 2008 and at the New York Film and Television Awards in 2016.

Documentary Film Director / Evening Presenter 


Sonya Welch-Moring

Sonya started her professional life as an independent Systemic Constellation facilitator and ancestral family researcher. She lives and works in London. As an African heritage British born daughter of South American immigrants to London in the 1950’s, questions of identity are never far from her world view. In her personal life, she is on a journey to reconnect to her Caribbean family heritage in South America and her ancestral lineage in West Africa.

Evening Presenter 

Undine Whande

Undine offers individual and group constellations engaging questions arising in families, organisations and larger systems. She has a passion for nature/ecological constellations and working with communities. Having worked with the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the ‘Healing of Memories’ project, Undine retains an interest in the release of trans-generational trauma in post-conflict societies. Undine and Lawrence facilitate organisational constellations in South Africa and Zimbabwe, to enable “thriving at work in face of historical woundedness”.

Evening Presenter 

Barbara Morgan

Barbara comes from the England and has been working with constellations since Bert Hellinger first came there in 1996. She has a deep passion for the work, in particular because of the enormous difference it has made to her personally. Gestalt-trained, her approach is strongly focused on present-centred awareness through the body.

Evening Presenter 


Rani George

Rani is a Systemic Constellations facilitator, an Energy Healing practitioner and teacher and board member of North American Systemic Constellations. . Based on the east coast of the USA, she has maintained a private energy healing practice for over 20 years. She has been active with the D.C. Facilitators Group in Washington D.C. and co-facilitated monthly Constellation gatherings and offered private Constellations for about 10 years.

Evening Presenter 

Angela Hough-Maxwell

Angela is a psychotherapist, group therapist, family constellations facilitator, art process facilitator, yoga teacher & mother. Angela has a varied practice of teaching at South African College of Applied psychology (SACAP) and the Centre for Group Analytic Studies (CGAS), as well as co-facilitating race dialogues. She works in private practice, seeing adults and children. Angela values holding space for deep authentic dialogue, for people with themselves, with each other and within the context we are living. She loves to awaken creativity and our inner wisdom through art and connection to nature.

Evening Presenter 

Anya Mendel

Anya is a clinical psychologist and family constellations facilitator in private practice in Cape Town, qualified in focusing-orientated therapy, fine art and permaculture, with an interest in African cosmology and indigenous knowledge systems. Anya has over 15 years’ experience designing and facilitating transformative group processes, including wilderness journeys and pilgrimages to natural sacred sites. Her work centers on re/turn to aliveness through belonging in our bodies, kinship systems, creativity, and nature within and around us. She brings to this her life-long love for wild places and recent experiences visiting hunter-gatherer communities.

Evening Presenter 

Susan Schlosser

Susan facilitates Constellations indoors and out. Her passion lies in bringing people more fully into life and love so that we all may experience a deeper sense of connection with ourselves, with each other, with our Ancestors, with the Earth, and with the sacredness of all Life and All That Is.

Evening Presenter 

Khumo Mokhethi

The possibility of deepening connection and restoring the collective Soul, inspires Khumo. A Consciousness coach and family constellation facilitator; raised in an African home, in a black township; attended a white liberal university during Apartheid; worked for the Nelson Mandela government; lived in a spiritual community studying Raja Yoga meditation, travelling globally.

Evening Presenter 

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