Training T & C

Terms and Conditions for African Constellations Training 2024 and 2025

Foundation Course and Facilitator Training 

  • Conditions of entry apply

    This a private training that does not qualify you to practice therapy or counselling. It is intended either as a self-development course or to complement existing professional qualifications.  Please do not use the word “therapy” when referring to yourself as a Constellations Facilitator

    Please wait for us to confirm your registration has been accepted before commencing with collecting your portfolio of evidence.

    It is not advisable to undertake this training if you are not in a position to access ongoing support or individual therapy if required.  Course content may trigger underlying processes and the responsibility of addressing these remains with the trainee. It is not advised to do this training if you are suffering from depression, psychosis, PTSD, bipolar, drug addiction or schizophrenia. The course organiser reserves the right to ask you to leave any modules or the entire training, without refund, should your mental state or unwillingness to work with feedback not be conducive to the group process.

    By submitting this application, you agree to the following:

    ●      I understand that this is not a therapeutic process for myself, but a learning and training experience and the trainers will expect a certain level of emotional maturity. However, over the course of the full facilitator training you will all be expected to have at least 2 personal constellations over 2 years done for yourself in the training group or peer group. More constellations than this are contra-indicated.

    ●       I am also expected to facilitate at least 2 constellations with feedback from the peer group during the facilitator training.

    ●      I am aware that I cannot facilitate or use constellations in my own work until my portfolio has been accepted and I have graduated from the course.

    ● You will receive a certificate of course completion from African Constellations when you fulfil all requirements for your portfolio as stipulated by African Constellations and completed your graduation interview. The training director can at their discretion indicate the need for extra training needed should there be concerns about your facilitation competence.

    ● It is required to complete all the requirements for the advanced level and your graduation interview before advertising as a “family constellations facilitator” and for registration on the website according to the requirements of the Systems Constellations Association of South Africa (SCASA)

    ● The organisers reserve the right to change course content and trainers at their discretion and according to the needs of the the organisation. Confirmation will be given at least one month ahead of a workshop if it does not have enough participants to go ahead.

    ● The applicant hereby gives permission for training sessions to be recorded or filmed for training purposes.

    ● The organisers, trainers and Tanja Meyburgh will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to person or property.

    ●      Intellectual property of the training remains with the trainers and African Constellations.

    ●      Due to the practical nature of this course and personal work that is done as part of the training, the training sessions are to be held in confidence and I agree not to share any details of other trainees process outside of the group

    ●      During the training I will address any issues I have with a person or content directly in email to the trainers or training director. I will also endeavour to process them for myself in a confidential space in therapy or supervision. I will not speak behind my peer’s or trainer’s backs to other trainees or the public.

    ●     Your peer group is self-organised. Should the peer group have difficulties, please go back to working out the boundaries and roles of your group.  Peer groups are part of your learning experience about group dynamics, so you we do not encourage changing between groups. Please indicate any difficulties with time zones or meeting times upfront as soon as possible before the group is already in process.

    ●     Should you like to make smaller study groups for articles, books , videos etc or to practice one on one constellations (you need 3 people to do this) you are welcome to do this at your own discretion.

    ●      I will always endeavour to communicate directly with my peers and trainers, and not create parallel processes outside of the training structure.

    ●      I will at all times be aware of the impact of my actions on the learning experience of others, and act accordingly or seek assistance from a mentor if necessary.



    Communications about times, dates, venues, bookings etc go through our administrator Terry at

    Communications about the training process and graduation go to Tiffany at

    Content related questions are brought to Tanja Meyburgh in your facilitator supervision groups.

    By sending in this application, the applicant gives full consent for participation in the training.

    You will use the online booking system to reserve and pay for your places at the different workshops. If you have a scholarship or bursary you will get a unique booking code to book your workshops online.

    In special or unforeseen circumstances graduation may be delayed in order for the participant to complete all the requirements.  This needs to be communicated upfront with Tiffany.

    I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions, and consider myself mentally fit and emotionally mature enough to undertake an intensive experience

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