Training T & C

Terms and Conditions for African Constellations Training 2024 and 2025

Foundation Course and Facilitator Training 

  • Conditions of entry apply
  • This a private training that does not qualify you to practice therapy or counselling. It is intended either as a self-development course or to complement existing professional qualifications.
  • An online or in-person interview is required before acceptance on the course.
  • It is not advisable to undertake this training if you are not in a position to access ongoing support or individual therapy if required.  Course content may trigger underlying processes and the responsibility of addressing these remains with the trainee. We do not offer space for personal process within the training.
  • It is not advised to do this training if you are suffering from depression, psychosis, PTSD, bipolar, drug addiction or schizophrenia. The course organiser reserves the right to ask you to leave the training, without refund, should your mental state, group participation or unwillingness to work with feedback not be conducive to the group process.
  • This is not a therapeutic process, but a learning and training experience and the trainers will expect a certain level of emotional maturity. However, over the course of the full facilitator training you will all be expected to have at least 2 personal constellations done for yourself in the training group or peer group for the group learning purposes.
  • You cannot facilitate or use constellations in your own work after the Foundation course. It is an introductory course and full facilitator training is required in order to graduate and facilitate.

Facilitator Training

You are expected to facilitate at least 3 constellations with feedback from the group in the 18 months facilitator training.

  • To meet the requirements of graduation from African Constellations you need to fulfil all requirements for your portfolio as stipulated by African Constellations and completed your graduation interview that shows readiness to graduate. The training director can at their discretion indicate the need for extra training needed should there be concerns about your facilitation competence.
  • It is required to complete all the requirements for the advanced level and your graduation interview before advertising as a “family constellations facilitator” and for registration on the website according to the requirements of the Systems Constellations Association of South Africa (SCASA)
  • The organisers reserve the right to change course content and trainers at their discretion and according to the needs of the group and the organisation.
  • Missed modules cannot be made up without extra cost involved.
  • The applicant hereby gives permission for training sessions to be recorded or filmed for training purposes.
  • The organisers, trainers, African Constellations and Tanja Meyburgh will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to person or property.
  • Intellectual property of the training remains with the trainers and African Constellations.
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