How to prepare for Individual or Group Case Supervision / Mentoring

Supervision is a process whereby you receive support for yourself as a professional by another professional who is more experienced in the field of Constellations. The idea is that you can look at yourself, your interactions with clients, and your client cases in a safe and supportive place that helps you to grow as a facilitator and also supports you to remain in a healthy and ethical relationship with your clients. Supervision can be a wonderful experience of deepening your work and practice, as well as personal growth through looking at the intersection between your and the client’s systems.

You do not need to bring cases to supervision. You can also work with professional questions that you encounter in your practice. In groups you will also learn a lot from other facilitator or trainees questions.

When bringing a constellation to supervision for assistance it can be helpful to record:

– the question of the client
– the wished for outcome
– the genogram or facts of the system
– a sketch of the initial set up
– a sketch of the final set up
– any healing movement or sentences that were helpful for the client.
– homework if given

These things can assist the supervisor / mentor in supporting you in looking at the constellation with you for which you are seeking assistance.

Please note that when working in groups, it is essential not to use the client’s name or any distinguishing characteristics of the client that other group members could identify them.