The Ancient Wisdom of our Ancestors, Nature and the Land

Ancestors hold knowing through their deep bond with the laws of nature. In this one-day experiential workshop facilitated by Tanja Meyburgh at the Bert Hellinger Instituut in the Netherlands – participants will taste the connection to the old wisdom of our ancestors, nature and the land. Sign-up directly via the Bert Hellinger Instituut.


Many ancient creation myths tell us that our bodies were created from the clay of the earth, our curves and crevices reflecting the lay of the land, and the cells of our blood and bones constituted by the soil. Land and body are our home, and yet we have been consistently disconnected from these deep bonds and a sense of belonging to where we have landed in this life.

Location: De Zeven Linden, Middelberterweg 13a, 9723 ET, Groningen

Price: € 295,

Available seats: 17 seats

Event Details

Date: July 02, 2024

Venue: Bert Hellinger Instituut

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