Love Relationships Constellations with Tanja Meyburgh (online)


March 3, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join Tanja Meyburgh online to constellate issues related to health and illness.

3pm till 8pm

In Western paradigms we have come to believe that we are free to choose and decide our path in life, yet many struggle to break free of old patterns, family loyalties and the negative patterns that perpetuate over generations. Family Constellations, ancestral traditions, and more recently the science of epigenetics show us that the lives of our fore-fathers continue to influence us today.

The question is: how can we use the past as a resource for the present?

This open group experiential workshop will address how we step into our strength and our individuality by connecting to our ancestors and learning the dance between freedom and responsibility. By coming into contact with what we can change and what we cannot, we can enter our place in our family in a way that heals and liberates.

This module is included in the current training module. Please email to book your spot if you are a trainee.

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