Guest Teacher Event: Healing Self in Healing Work


With Busi Dlamini

14 June

6pm till 8pm

Rate: R350pp (free for trainees – please email to book if in training)

The holistic approach of Constellation as a modality means we cannot separate the self from the whole, in other words the systems we are part of. The gift of doing our individual work in constellations is that in doing our own healing we start to heal parts of the systems we engage in; from our interpersonal relationships with family members, with clients or those we work with, in our communities, our ancestors and other dimensions that might not be visible to us or in realm of our consciousness.

My own journey of this work was one where I held a question about how constellations could enhance my work but in no time was deeply immersed in my personal healing. What has emerged over the past three years is a reminder of how even thinking this way was a false binary on my part. This work continues to integrate all the different parts of self, the other, US and the whole.

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