Constellations in the Individual Setting with Dr. Undine Whande

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In this workshop facilitated by Dr Undine Wande, we will explore and experience the nature and scope of individual work in person. You will be invited to deepen your understanding of when and how to work one-on-one, what supports the client/seeker and what to be mindful of. We will work with teach-ins, select case work and working experientially, setting up own issues related to the theme, and working with in-depth observation related to the client and their system(s).



For many people a one-on-one constellation session is the entry into experiencing the work, offering a sense of safety and containment before venturing into a group setting. Constellations work offers different ways and methods of setting up a piece of personal work, from working with dollies and objects, to floor anchors and mats, to working with visualization in the mind’s eye, etc. Of course, there is also the array of online methods, relevant Apps, whiteboard drawings, etc.

One-on-one constellations’ work spans across a broad variety of settings, from therapeutic engagement, to organizational accompaniment, to executive business coaching for leaders as well as private sessions for individual with a particular life issue. Mentorship relations are also field where a systemic lens is often woven in during individual conversations.

In this realm of possibilities, what remains common is the focus on the individual and their personal quest(ion), having a more intimate setting, time and space for the person’s wishes and concerns, for their fears and exploring potentialities.


About Facilitator:

Dr. Undine Whande has worked as a practitioner and scholar in conflict transformation and social change since 1995. Born in Germany, she has lived and worked continuously in the SADC region since the mid-nineties. In the often-challenging context of the political and social transition in post-1994 South Africa, Dr. Whande developed her expertise as a conflict mediator, coach and facilitator in social change processes. She worked closely with the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Healing of Memories process, as well as in Transitional Justice processes all over the African continent. She has been working with Organisational Constellations since 2006 and Family Constellations since 2012, and she is a SCASA accredited trainer. Since 2010 Undine has been focusing primarily on accompanying individual leaders, teams and organisations during their journey of transformation and healing.

Event Details

Start date: February 07, 2025

End date: February 09, 2025


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