Collective Constellations with Tanja Meyburgh

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Collective Constellations in this workshop are being used as a broad term that includes collective, community and society constellations. These constellations attend to wider systems than the individual or family, that impact us as seekers and serves the group that is gathered.   Collective constellations for example could include looking at entire ecosystems, environmental questions, education or war.





The difference between a Collective or Societal Constellation, and Community constellation is that the first is addressing an issue that is much bigger than the group itself, but which impacts the group, whereas a community constellation usually serves the specific community such as a school, mosque or interest group and is done with the actual group themselves.

Tanja Meyburgh has a special interest and has been developing the work of Land Constellations for the past 8 years with her colleague Sue Davidof. These fall within the Collective Constellations field. Some of the issues that were raised in previous Collective & Societal Constellation groups have been:  Sustaining ecosystems, understanding conflict between groups, fertility of the land, immigration etc.


You will learn:

  • Different ways of working collectively
  • History of Collective and Societal Constellations
  • What kinds of constellations we can do
  • The intention of the Constellation within the Orders of Helping.
  • Clarifying who the client is and the question
  • How to set up collective constellations
  • What helps?
  • Real case examples brought by yourself or the group

Anyone is welcome to attend. But please note, we do not cover family constellations or basics of systemic work in this workshop.

About Facilitator:

Tanja Meyburgh, counselling psychologist, is a renowned Family and Systems Constellations trainer and supervisor and regular contributor to the international publications and journals in this field. As founder of African Constellations, she has taken 21 groups through a full facilitator training and is the primary pioneer of constellations work in South Africa and has specialized in this field since 2003.

NB: We reserve the right to cancel up to one month in advance. Please do not book flights for the workshop until you have confirmed with us that they are sufficiently subscribed.  Thank you for your understanding.

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