An Open Online Lecture with Sarah Peyton


Tuesday 24 August

5pm till 7pm Central African Time (CAT)

R250 per person

Join us for an open lecture of 2 hours on Constellations and Neuropsychology with Sarah Peyton.

Constellations are one of the most healing modalities available. Why? What makes them so powerful? How do they compress so much growth and transformation into so little time? Join Sarah Peyton, neuroscience educator, author and constellation facilitator, for a two-hour lecture to explore the neuroscience of the change that constellations can support.

Participants will learn about:

–       The 3-D relational grid all of us carry in our brains

–       The flow of love in constellations and from prefrontal cortex to amygdala

–       The role of the amygdala in the timelessness of trauma and in constellations

–       The importance of understanding unconscious contracts for the resolution of client problems in constellation work