Lindiwe Mthembu Salter Lindiwe Mthembu Salter (SA) is one of the first group of facilitators to train and graduate in Cape Town, in 2006. She is a freelance constellations facilitator with a special interest in trauma counselling, and she integrates systematic constellations into this work. Lindiwe’s previous training is in integrative humanistic counselling.

For 22 years she has worked with various NGO/NPO’s in South Africa and Burundi. Lindiwe’s skills include working with groups of home-based caregivers that care for terminally ill patients. She facilitates self-care programs that include ways of dealing with burn-out.

Barbara Morgan

Barbara Morgan (UK) originally trained as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, Barbara has been working with constellations since 1997, one year after the Founder, Bert Hellinger first came to England. Her experience of the work has been personally transformative and as best she can, Barbara ‘walks her talk’. She sees family constellations as a way of life and her pursuit of ‘truth’ as far as that is ever possible, leads to a deep commitment to the work she does. Second only to family, it is her guiding passion.
She is currently training people in the UK and Romania and runs workshops in the UK, Ireland and Lithuania. Her role as Editor of The Knowing Field began in 2004 when she took over from Barbara Stones and Jutta ten Herkel. Within a year, she doubled the size of the journal and the frequency of publication. As Editor, she is privileged to have access to the latest developments in the work worldwide and is fascinated by the progress constellation work is making across the globe. Recent author of Coming Home: A First step into the world of Family Constellations, Barbara is planning to write another book on Mothering over the next year.

Thabile Zondi-Rees

Thabile Zondi-Rees (South Africa) specialises in relational issues (relationship with self and others) focusing on adults and couples. She also works with children and adolescence with emotional issues, age 8-16 years.  Her skills include developmental work through coaching, family constellations and group analysis offering individual constellations, workshops and group therapy.


Erin Lewis

Erin Lewis (New Zealand) is a facilitator, teacher and author of “The Love Revolution”, and has co-founded a new organisation Te Kawa Whaiora (The Natural Laws of Wellbeing) with Parehuia Mafi. TKW is dedicated to the regeneration and restoration of systems that serve humanity and Mother Earth. We have successfully woven our diverse and extensive knowledge of Systemic Constellation, natural law, ancestral wisdom, and social sciences into a system that can be taught and universally applied by individuals and collectives. We do this through circle work with women, men, youth, organisations, local and national government representatives.

We are based in the Bay of Plenty, which ironically is a high deprivation region with some of the highest negative statistics, not only in NZ but in the world. Extensive research contributes these horrific statistics with our recent colonisation history, and the inability for the current systems to hold a thriving regenerative vision. We are passionate about systemic change happening one soul at a time and believe self-knowledge leads to leadership.


Dragos Riti

Dragos Riti (Romania) has a background in engineering and worked for more than 20 years in multinational organizations. His first encounter with the systemic work was in 2009. It was a birthday present, to be part of a Family Constellation workshop, for a week-end. There he got the insight of his life: that this is the path to pursue for the rest of his life. After years of discoveries and training, doing this work with deep gratitude spreading and the knowledge wherever it’s needed. The Bert Hellinger Institute from the Netherlands was an important contributor of his development in this field.Systemic perception has become second nature and helps to bring this work in organizations, family and society. He is a trainer of family and organizational constellations, running trainings and workshops locally and internationally.

Dragos is also the founder of Quantum Connection providing assistance, support, running trainings and workshops, helping transformational processes using systemic tools for individuals, families or organizations. He work in English, French and Romanian, and recently started working with horses using their innate ability to connect to the unconscious, revealing their systemic wisdom.

Leslie Nipps

The Rev. Leslie Nipps, MDiv (USA) is the founder of Convivium Constellations, and is a Systemic Constellations and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and trainer in Oakland, California. With James Woeber, she directed the 2015 North American Systemic Constellations Conference (NASC) in San Diego, CA, USA. Subsequently, she was a founding board director of North American Systemic Constellations (NASC), and has presented at all of the NASC conferences since 2011.

She was a presenter at the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) gathering in Zagreb in 2016, and at the Australasian Constellations Intensive in Sydney, Australia in March, 2018. She’s led workshops in Thailand and New Zealand. She has also been an Anglican minister for over twenty years. Leslie is committed to supporting increased mastery for students of Constellations, and her entire career she has been passionate about how mentored practice supports personal and professional growth.  More information about her trainings and nature photography can be found at

Gail Wrogemann

Gail Wrogemann (SA) is a specialist executive, team and systems coach and consultant, focusing on integration and alignment within and across groups and systems. Leadership of complex systems and teamwork in complex systems are key areas of experience.

She is an Industrial Psychologist and qualified coach and coach supervisor with many years’ experience in coaching, facilitating, training, organisational development, change management, and general human resources development.

Project successes include systems transformation projects across different organisations and industries, team integration and cultural alignment processes. She runs training for systems and constellations facilitator training for advanced coaches and consultants, and has run projects as team leader for coach teams. She has developed key training modules on Systems thinking, Personal Mastery, Team Performance, and designed and implemented Impact assessments and Return on Investment assessments for coaching and other organisational development projects. She is also involved with designing and managing social development projects across communities and education.

Industries of work experience include the Financial sector, Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Telecommunications, NGO, Government, Consulting, Education, Sales, Medical, Engineering, Media, Insurance, Academia

Niall Campbell


Niall Campbell (Botswana) was born and raised in a rural area of Botswana. During the early 1980’s Niall began his training as a traditional diviner/healer under Hoseya Chaoke, who was originally from Zimbabwe. After Chaoke’s death in 1987, Niall continued training under Simon Sibanda, also from Zimbabwe. After qualifying as a diviner/healer, Niall furthered and deepened his knowledge with a number of different healers and elders of various southern African groups.

Niall lives in Cape Town now, where he practices traditional medicine and works with both traditional and urban people to reestablish some of the deep understandings of ancestors and kinship. In 2013 he graduated through the African Constellations Institute as a Family Constellations Facilitator.

Khumo Mokhethi

Khumo Mokhethi (South Africa)

The possibility of deepening connection and restoring the collective Soul, inspires Khumo. A Consciousness coach and family constellation facilitator; raised in an African home, in a black township; attended a white liberal university during Apartheid; worked for the Nelson Mandela government; lived in a spiritual community studying Raja Yoga meditation, travelling globally.

Sian Palmer

Sian Palmer (South Africa)

Sian Palmer is the Founder of Expressive Movement South Africa and a registered Drama and Movement Therapist (MA University of London) and Family Constellations Facilitator (African Constellations). Sian currently practices with both individuals and groups in therapy and training spaces. With her area of expertise firmly established in embodied practice, Sian is passionate about creative expression through drama and dance as a means of accessing healing and growth.

Sue Davidoff

Sue Davidoff  (South Africa)

Sue Davidoff is a facilitator, teacher and writer. She is deeply connected to the places where we bring natural and social life together in order to facilitate a search for Self, and for the inner creativity necessary to enable a future that is truly alive. She loves being in the mountains, inside nature; equally, she feels inspired by moments of true meeting. And is dedicated to walking the patient path of a non-reactive vision of the wholeness that is possible when we learn to really pay attention.

Anya Mendel

Anya Mendel (South Africa)

Anya Mendel is a clinical psychologist and family constellations facilitator in private practice in Cape Town, qualified in focusing-orientated therapy, fine art and permaculture, with an interest in African cosmology and indigenous knowledge systems. Anya has over 15 years’ experience designing and facilitating transformative group processes, including wilderness journeys and pilgrimages to natural sacred sites. Her work centers on re/turn to aliveness through belonging in our bodies, kinship systems, creativity, and nature within and around us. She brings to this her life-long love for wild places and recent experiences visiting hunter-gatherer communities.

Nicola Robins

Nicola Robins (South Africa)

Incite co-founder and director, Nicola Robins, has over 25 years of advisory experience and 15 years as a systemic coach. She has worked with teams and individuals in corporations, state owned enterprises and civil society in 15 countries, primarily in emerging markets. She is a certified shared value practitioner (UK), systemic constellations facilitator (SA) and has a masters in industrial environmental management from Yale (USA). She teaches at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. Nicola’s work is informed by complexity theory, pre-industrial African traditions and embodied intelligence. She is an aspiring free-diver.

Catherine Geils

Catherine Geils (South Africa))

Catherine (Cathy) is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She integrates inner parts and family constellations with eye movement integration (EMI), a treatment specifically targeting trauma, in her individual psychotherapy practice. She also gives group workshops and is currently running a monthly ‘heart-based living’ group which applies constellations work to manifesting a resonant life. Cathy is writing up her doctoral thesis which explores the transformational processes of constellations work over an extended time period. Cathy has published journal articles on constellations and other topics, and presented at both national and international conferences on the topic. Cathy has a special interest in Nature Constellations.

Vasintha Pather

Vasintha Pather (South Africa)

Keen interest in leveraging culture in service of strengthening people and the organisations we contribute to, led Vasintha to specialising in strengths-based, whole-systems approaches, in individual, group and organisational health.

With over 20 years international experience as an organisational and leadership development specialist, Vasintha has focused on working with organisations to strengthen healthy cultures. She supports leaders and teams to cultivate environments that are resourceful, inclusive, innovative and connected, and, more recently, that promote transforming collective trauma.


Erik Andersen

Erik Andersen (South Africa)

Erik has been facilitating Systems and Inner-Parts Constellations workshops since 2015. He also has more than 15 years experience teaching and facilitating meditation and other awareness practices.

Erik experienced his first family constellation in early 2000. Since then he trained with a wide variety of international facilitators including Guni Baxa, Stephan Hausner, Francesca Mason-Boring, Tanja Meyburgh, Karin Huyssen and others.

Erik is a certified counselor (UNISA) and he is trained in Systems and Inner-part Constellations, Mindfulness meditation, Kabbalah and Kriya Yoga and is a registered member of Systems Constellations Association of South Africa (SCASA).

Erik has been in a wheelchair for most of his adult life and is passionate about guiding others in the methods that have helped him.

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