These are presentations recorded in the evenings of the the first African Constellations Experience in September 2018.

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Subject Presenter Description Podcast
A ritual honouring and ceremony around slavery Nadia Khan Kimmie In her presentation, Nadia will demonstrate how she integrates Family and Systemic Constellations with ritual, dance, and voicing and toning. Nadia has developed this as an approach to working with the consequences of slavery in the tribal soul.
Expressive Movement as a supportive tool Sian Palmer Sian is the founder of Expressive Movement South Africa, an HPCSA registered Drama and Movement Therapist and a Family Constellations facilitator.
Sian brings the Expressive Movement form as a supportive tool for constellations work and is working alongside Tanja Meyburgh in their offering Ancestral Connections. An expert in the field of embodied practice, Sian is a firm believer in tapping into the wisdom of the body within systemic work as a means of healing and growth.
Constellations work as a research method Catherine Geils Catherine will present the transformative stories of her doctoral research participants who attended a series of family and systemic constellations workshops. Listeners will be invited to participate in these stories to invite transformative change in themselves.
Awareness, sensitivity, intervention Erik Andersen Erik describes his presentation as such; “We will learn a body awareness meditation practice to attune ourselves to what is going on in the body and which will also increase our holding capacity. We will then extend this skill into the constellations context. Both facilitator and representative will benefit. I have called the presentation Awareness, Sensitivity, Intervention.”
Diversity and historical woundedness Undine Whande and Lawrence Ngororo Undine and Lawrence will create a space for looking into the heart of how we work with the phenomenon they call ‘diversity’ through the lens of historical woundedness. Historical woundedness appears as a kind of ‘cellular memory’ in our familial, communal, and organisational fields. They explain that this phenomenon is a constant subtext in the everyday, like a low drone that everyone hears but nobody pays much attention to anymore. They will share from several concrete examples of our work in southern Africa, with additional focus on working as a black/white facilitation team in this context.
Experiences with race dialogues Angela Hough-Maxwell Angela will present using a small constellation exercise and one experiential puzzle exercise. She will talk about her experiences with race dialogues and give a ‘picture’ of a piece of the dialogue.
Adventures with Nature Constellations Susan Schlosser Susan will share stories and perspectives gained from facilitating Constellations in and with nature. Opening and listening to the Ancient Ones that are all around us out in natures’ sacred places, gives us an opportunity to strengthen our sense of belonging, take our more humbled place and know how connected we are with all of life. She will draw upon these teachings to help us know and experience the wisdom and support available to us from the greater forces that surround us.
The Interrupted Reaching out Movement Barbara Morgan Barbara will talk and demonstrate for ten minutes and then offer an exercise to enable people to become more aware of the nature of their possible interruption.
Stories of KZN Wars Khumo Lefuma Mokhethi A recent statement by the President, in response to ongoing political killings in KwaZulu-Natal. The region has the largest concentration of battlefields in Southern Africa. War has become normal in this region and just keeps changing form. Khumo is “revisiting” the battlefields, collecting stories, giving Zulu elders a chance to tell their stories of major wars: Mfecane: Zulu-Anglo, Zulu-Boer, Political killings. She will share her journey, the stories and key lessons from a family constellation perspective. Who needs to be seen, heard, included?
Body Constellations Rani George Rani will facilitate an experience within the inner Knowing Field of our bodies. She says, “Our bodies are sacred containers which hold ancient, deep wisdom. Through presence and embodiment practices we can access cultural and ancestral resources which strengthen us for work in Constellations”.
Re/turn to Indigeneity Anya Mendel and Sue Davidoff Sue and Anya explore the longing for belonging to the earth and each other in kinship that First People, for many, embody. Sharing stories of their own journeys to reaches of the world where residues of this intimate relationship between humans and nature still remain, they open discussion to the complexity and paradox such encounters also carry. Through a short constellation experience, they invite us to look at layers of our own relationship to our origins. From this deep reaching back to a place in our ancestry to which we can never now return, we track the potential turn towards a new kind of belonging that carries our insights and origins into contemporary lives and contexts. N/A