Guest Trainers 2024

The scheduling of Guest Trainer sessions for 2024 is in progress. A full update of Guest Trainers will be sent out and listed here as dates are scheduled.

Dr. Layo Seriki

With a background in Industrial Engineering, Layo has always been interested in how systems
work. Human systems – people and how they tick – intrigue her most. Her work as an Organisational Consultant and Personal Development Coach concentrates on identifying what is needed to optimise the effectiveness and contentedness of people at work.

Transactional Analysis and Systemic Constellations are important modalities contributing to her own development and her work with clients. Horses have fascinated and inspired her for as long as she can remember. Layo is a Co-founder and Operations Director of Functional Fluency International, runs CIELARKO Coaching & Consulting in South Africa and works with clients oneon-
one and in groups, in various spaces – from offices to horse paddocks. For more about Layo, please visit her webpage.