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Our aim at African Constellations is to build a local community of highly trained professionals in South Africa that represent the diversity of our beautiful country. Our organisation is committed to acknowledging and honouring the first people of the African continent, as well as sources of knowledge that inform Systems Constellation theory and practice.

This year we have had an unprecedented number of requests for scholarships for our Facilitator Training Programme from incredible Southern African participants that will make important contributions to our field. We are particularly interested in affording those that come from marginalised communities, and those that continue to experience the financial effects of policies of Colonisation, Apartheid and Systemic Racism an opportunity to train and bring their work into their communities.

We are appealing to the local and international constellations community and friends to make small or large contributions to this scholarship campaign. The contributions will go to cover the expenses of the training, mentoring and supervision of scholarship students.

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Personal message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Here is what some of our scholarship students had to say about the training Intensive this year:
Participant 1:

My magical wish for the week of the training was to discover myself and my truth. My constellation made me realise my truth and unblocked thoughts that I could not access whenever I tried to reflect. I realised that my truth was holding me hostage. A few channels in me opened up and I truly felt my ancestors awakened in me. I truly connected with those who give me strength and I am committed to being true to my journey. It was never easy because even my body felt it.

I am still on the journey to reflect and work more on my truth and the importance of being true to my core being. It was not easy but the facilitators and other participants created a safe platform for me to be open and real about what I have been going through. This was one drop and more is yet to come.

I truly appreciate this opportunity and am committed to this process. I trust and hope that my God and Ancestors will guide and protect me until I am able to create the same safe space for others. It was indeed an intense week.

Participant 2:

When the time came for me to boldly come forth and share my fears, guilt and shame during my constellation…..I was once again shown that spirit always leads, knows and brings clarity when we seek it. My constellation process became an energy shifting celebration whose echoes are still vibrating within me. Not only did I receive the gift of clarity, I received the gift of connection….because it became clear that ‘my story’ was not just ‘my story’…..everyone there needed to witness ‘my story’ for their own healing.

I am humbled by the teachings and lessons that were bestowed upon me during those five days. From the ‘housemates’ who shared space with me to the participants, I spent most of the day with. I was reminded of the ‘child’ in me who was always brimming with enthusiasm and willingness to connect…..HE/SHE showed up, HE/SHE needed to be seen….HE/SHE was honoured.

Big thank you to all who ‘showed up’ for me. I know that the journey doesn’t end here….

Siyathokoza, Camagu, Makwande, Ase, Tinotenda.

Participant 3:

I had hardly dreamt of being able to attend due to the economic downturn we are experiencing in Zimbabwe.

The welcoming nature of the training venue, our trainers and the entire participating community was very conducive to me in deepening the journey into myself so that I could be able to host myself to host others through the constellation training.

This was one of the trainings I would call had a holistic approach that saw me being in infinite learning in a supported environment.

Maybe this is what the future calls for.
I’m quite grateful for the training and all the forces behind it.

Participant 4:

It’s hard to put words to the experience just yet. The only expression I can find is that it felt deep and filling. At the moment, the past week is still only felt in my body. My mind is yet to catch up to offer words for what is somatic. Right now, it feels like I am only at the beginning of the comprehension, digestion and sense-making stage.

I am trusting the knowing will reveal itself. That’s okay with me.
For now, I feel good and my heart feels open. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this powerful process.

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