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The Unearthing Land Constellation Immersion 2022

February 21 @ 12:00 pm - February 25 @ 1:00 pm


Arrive morning of 21 Feb and meet for lunch at 12 o clock.

Departure after lunch on the 25th at 1pm.

To book for this immersion, please email sued@mweb.co.za or proteusinitiative@gmail.com

The land we inhabit is etched into us as deep as the currents of life. We are shaped by land; our bodily forms, our language, our sense of knowing, our sense of self, our gaze. Every aspect of our lives is touched by the land that we have grown up on; this land has given us a sense of who we are, a sense of familiarity, a place of belonging in the order of life. The textures of the land enter into us, offering us a sense of identity, a place we can call Home.

The Land has ancestors. They are buried deep in the soil, in the layers of the archaeological finds that take digging to unearth. There are stories here in the land. Of people who lived through history in this place. The artefacts of generation after generation: from those who belonged to the land, through the traumatic dispossession and forced removals, to the slaves whose life force was used to dig, to plant and to build to survive the wild earth. Each place has a story, a family that lived and loved and lost there. 

The graves of the forefathers remain long after their descendants have moved on. Those that lived on the land were either buried to become part of the soil where our vegetables grow, or were disposed in an ill-gotten gain. By land grab, colonisation and force removals, those who belonged to the land were ripped from the cradle of their belonging and identity. 

Who lived on the land you live on now before you? And before them? Who were the first ones to place their feet on this soil? How did we come to cut pieces of the land and create borders as if the land can end and begin? What does it mean to restore our belonging to the land, to heal this interrupted reaching-out that has us disconnected and disconnecting from nature and from each other? How do we acknowledge what happened and how do we compensate the ill-gotten gains? What does this mean systemically for the world? How can we as individuals and as a collective support change? 

These are the questions we will explore through the use of land constellations, observation, and reflection. Starting at our own back door, and culminating in a 5 day process in Towerland Wilderness in the Langeberg Mountains in South Africa in 2022. 

Workshop, full board and lodging paid before 15 Dec: R9800

Workshop, full board and lodging paid after 15 Dec: R10,800

If you would like to contribute towards a scholarship for those who are unable to pay the full cost, please let us know.  

Bookings: www.towerlandwilderness.org

Or email: sued@mweb.co.za or proteusinitiative@gmail.com

Tanja Meyburgh, counselling psychologist, is a renowned Family and Systems Constellations trainer and supervisor and regular contributor to the international constellations journal, The Knowing Field. As founder of African Constellations, she has taken 15 groups through a full facilitator training and is the primary pioneer of constellations work in South Africa with 18 years of experience specialising in this field. She has assisted organisations in South Africa involved with addiction, adoption, trauma, political violence, community development and diversity. More recently Tanja has co-founded Ancestral Connections, integrating dance and constellations, and the REAL Academy, an online resource for Embodied and Ancestral Learning. Tanja has also presented at the international intensives in Germany, South Africa and Australasia, and accepted invitations to teach at conferences and workshops in Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Netherlands, Portugal and the USA.

Tanja’s MA (Psych) in Narrative Therapy has had a big impact on how she views power relations and work with marginalised voices and communities. She also has training and experience in wilderness therapy, art therapy, expressive movement and Southern African lineage wisdom. Tanja provides a creative and experiential learning space that brings a sense of soul and spirit in a psychologically grounded way. Her interest in self-growth, personal & collective ritual and embodiment supports her to hold a broad and deep container for clients’ personal and professional process. Her work is described by those who know her as gentle and incisive. Tanja lives in Cape Town with her two children.

Sue Davidoff

I am a facilitator, teacher, and writer. As co-founder of The Proteus Initiative, I help to bring a Goethean-inspired phenomenology, understanding and method to the sphere of social and environmental change, activism and stewardship. I have taught three Masters programmes in Reflective Social Practice, and facilitated several programmes in Reflective Social Practice, and A Delicate Activism, in South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, several countries in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and many countries in Africa.

I live on Towerland, a wilderness retreat in the mountains in the southern Cape, South Africa. My deep passion lies in bringing natural (the wild) and social life together, where an immersion in the wild enables processes of searching for self and for the inner creativity and wholeness necessary to enable a future that is alive. My strong interest as a constellations facilitator is in working with land; listening to the memories that land holds, and working with those memories, and the current and trans-generational experiences and memories of exclusion and belonging.

You can reach me at sued@mweb.co.za


February 21 @ 12:00 pm
February 25 @ 1:00 pm
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Towerland Wilderness
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