Encounters at the Edge

African Constellations cordially invites you to our 2020 Intensive. Encounters at the Edge: 

Eco-systems thrive at edges. Transitionary spaces have more species, diversity and are teeming with life.   Humanity’s edge is currently being challenged: our very existence has come into question.  We are being called, urgently, to a multicultural, post-modern, and ecologically sensitive practice, and a simultaneous honouring of the ancient and indigenous ways. 

How do we step forward and meet this edge as an opportunity?  Step into out-the-box thinking and regenerative change? At the Second South African Constellations Intensive we will explore how Systemic Constellations have the potential to meet a rapidly changing social, organisational and ecological landscape.

For accommodation bookings: contact JACKY at conferencing@monkeyvalleyresort.com directly and tell her you are attending the conference in order to qualify for our special rate.

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