Encounters at the Edge

African Constellations cordially invites you to our 2020 Intensive. Encounters at the Edge: 

Eco-systems thrive at edges. Transitionary spaces have more species, diversity and are teeming with life.   Humanity’s edge is currently being challenged: our very existence has come into question.  We are being called, urgently, to a multicultural, post-modern, and ecologically sensitive practice, and a simultaneous honouring of the ancient and indigenous ways. 

How do we step forward and meet this edge as an opportunity?  Step into out-the-box thinking and regenerative change? At the Second South African Constellations Intensive we will explore how Systemic Constellations have the potential to meet a rapidly changing social, organisational and ecological landscape.

For accommodation bookings: contact JACKY at conferencing@monkeyvalleyresort.com directly and tell her you are attending the conference in order to qualify for our special rate.

The program for 2019 has incorporated feedback and changes from the First Intensive in Kwa-Zulu Natal 2018. A detailed program will be available in future. Please join our African Constellations Facebook page or our African Constellations Newsletter for updates.
 The program will include:
– Opening and Closing ceremonies 
– Morning opening gathering of the entire group
– Two elective sessions before and after morning tea with Trainers and Presenters
– Afternoon personal work and learning groups through which the Trainers rotate
– Evening program 
Interested in taking a tour of our area after the event? Please contact our contracted tour operator Salome Adams @ salome.adams@gmail.com
Disclaimer: Our tour operator works independently and remain professionally and legally liable to themselves and their own business.

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