Being Here, Now – A Family Constellations Workshop

Being here; Now ~
The Rest, Nieu Bethesda, Karoo
7 – 11 November 2018

Finding Belonging through family systems constellations
with Tanja Meyburgh

You are not alone. You are deeply connected, either consciously or unconsciously, to your family, your ancestors and to nature. You are here now as a result of the loves, losses and longings of thousands of ancestors. You are here now as a result of the survival force of life itself to go on.

Despite everything that happened and continues to happen around us today, you are here and striving to be your best self: an autonomous individual that can connect with others, love deeply, and gives your best to your children. Yet, often despite our best intentions, we are stuck in perpetuating patterns of the past, in playing out roles that we don’t want, and struggling to shift things despite the work that we do.

This gathering at a beautiful farm near Nieu Bethesda is for all of us. Because in this longing, to belong and be in relationship, we are all the same. Yet it is often our biggest challenge.

Using Family, Systems and Nature Constellation as well as creative process and the natural surroundings of the Karoo, we will explore what it means to belong, to connect to the land, to find our ancestral gifts and enter into deeper relationships with ourselves and others. We will find a new way of belonging that sets us free to be present to what is happening in the world, right here, right now.

Tanja Meyburgh is founder and director of African Constellations and has specialised in facilitating and training family and systems constellations since 2003. She also has a background in eco-therapy, process-oriented art, and African traditional cosmology which all infuse her experiential and body-based practice with creativity and ceremonial process. Tanja is renowned for creating a safe, challenging yet gentle space for deep healing to unfold.

Arrival: 7 Nov 2018
Departure: 11 Nov 2018 (after lunch)

Workshop Fee Options:
Single room accommodation fee: R5800 (inclusive of all meals, refreshments and facilitation)
Shared room accommodation fee: R4800 (inclusive of all meals, refreshments and facilitation)
Dorm room accommodation fee: R3800 (inclusive of all meals, refreshments and facilitation)

Beds are limited so book early to secure your choice.
Bursaries and exchanges available (applications due before mid September).

Bookings: Paula Kingwill:
See for more information on the venue.

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