Ancestral Connections

It has been more than 17 years this May 2019 since I attended my first intensive training in Germany. The first 15 years most of my energy was directed towards developing awareness about constellations, introductory workshops and training facilitators. In the last few years, as my young children find their independence, I have been able to also focus more on what it is that I want and what I want to bring and deepen going forward.

My interest in nature, art and ancestors has led me deeper into Land Constellations and Ancestral Connections, two co-creative collaborations. Ancestral Connections started off as a juxtaposition of the constellation work and expressive movement, but having trained each other in our respective disciplines, Sian Palmer and myself have woven our combined training and experience over a combined 25 years into a new form – Ancestral Connections.

Tanja Meyburgh and Sian Palmer

What makes Ancestral Connections therapeutic methodology unique?

  • We use embodied and relational movement to experience connections with ourselves, families and ancestors.
  • Ritual, Ceremony, Story-telling, Constellations and Therapeutic intervention flow seamlessly
  • We move with discomfort and difficulties rather than through, away or towards solution – ensuring presence and no dissociation.
  • Focus is on Resourcing, empowering and moving towards life
  • Facilitation methods conscious not to marginalize, rather to co-create the therapeutic space making it culturally transferable.

Our first three workshops created in this therapeutic method are:

  1. Embodying Life – connecting to our lineage ancestors, the land, and life force (individual and family soul)
  2. Gateways – initiation for life through the four biographical gateways that ignite change, growth and development (individual and tribal soul)
  3. Myths and Archetypes – Connecting to the collective unconscious through constellations, dancing and performing archetypal myths. (Individual and universal soul).


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