Guest Teachers 2022

Lindiwe Mthembu-Salter

Family and systems constellations facilitator, Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative counselling (Bath UK), Capacitor (to empower): multicultural and wellness education on self-care techniques trainer at Phuzumoya Consulting (phuzumoya means ‘to drink or embrace the wind/spirit in Zulu), Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology (UWC, South Africa

From clients, care givers, and health care workers:

“…brave and generous, living your truth in gentleness, living openness and hopefulness.”

“Sharing other ways of viewing the world.”

“Your humility, your readiness to open your closets of knowledge and place the content on the table for all to enjoy is a valuable way on how to be more than how to do.”

“I felt a lot of support you gave to us as facilitators. Your openness has been a big bonus in addition to your friendly disposition.”

“I appreciated input you brought in many sharing experience of openness, loving heart, caring energy. I got a new role model.”

“Very intelligent and smart. I think I found my role model in you, empowered woman. I learnt a lot from you.”

“‘ I have referred 4 children/ young people (aged 10 – 19) to Lindiwe over the last 5 years and she has been brilliant with all. Lindiwe gives space to talk about trauma and difficulties whilst ensuring all those she works with feel respected and heard. Her pragmatic approach supports young people to acknowledge difficulties and challenges, but also to build strategies to cope, identify goals, and work towards the future they want for themselves.” Development Director at Waves of Change

Here is a link to an interview with Lindiwe.




Zita Tulyahikayo is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, ICF accredited Systemic Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, with over 15 years in practice in Los Angeles, Stockholm, and London.

Zita began her working life in the demanding and highly competitive arena of fashion in both New York and Los Angeles. During 13 years as a freelance fashion editor and stylist, she developed strong leadership skills, and refined the art of thinking and communicating both rationally and creatively outside the box. It was during this time that Zita developed a keen interest in people and systems, and how they interrelated with each other. This interest developed organically over time and Zita now has over 15 years’ experience working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Systemic Coach and Facilitator. Her experience is underscored by first class training by renowned teachers from around the world, such that her training is as exceptional as the clients she supports.

Zita’s unique approach, which she calls Life Therapy, draws upon all her experience, skills, and training to create the space for her clients, and the systems to which they belong, to overcome seemingly intractable issues and realise their optimal potential and performance.

As one who has multiple ancestral belonging; East African, Caribbean, and British she has refined the art of building cross cultural bridges, those that relate to the transgenerational trauma of slavery, racism, and colonisation.

In addition to coaching individuals, couples and organisations, Zita also co-writes a regular column on wellbeing for The Lawyer Magazine entitled “Loving Legal Life”, and a series of articles in the Bar’s journal, Counsel Magazine.  She is frequently called on to speak on matters related to diversity and inclusion through the systemic lens.



Veronica King
is a South African communications specialist, master facilitator, executive coach and social justice advocate. She is the founder and CEO of Emuthini Consulting which she established in 2002. Veronica has worked across a wide range of sectors and has developed a deep knowledge of organisational development and leadership. Drawing upon extensive institutional and organisational experience at senior executive level, locally and abroad, her recent and current portfolio of work engages primarily with issues of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion with both private and public sector clients. In recent years her work has become increasingly engaged with addressing these issues in education, policy and governance. 

Veronica has coached professionally for 15 years. This work has embraced a wide clientele including middle management, senior executives, barristers and high court judges. She has a number of coaching qualifications including the following :

  • CTI Co-Active Coaching
  • CRR Global – ORSC (Organisational Relationship System Coaching)
  • Nancy Kline’s Time to Think Coaching 
  • Systemic Constellations for Coaches

Veronica’s coaching is distinguished by her extensive international experience and her mastery of the range of coaching methodologies that she employs, enhanced by her Family Constellations training.  

Veronica has worked in South Africa and internationally; in the United Kingdom and on projects in the USA, India, Turkey, Israel, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Swaziland. Her work is driven by a deeply held commitment to social justice and transformation in South Africa and globally. 




Busi Dlamini is a dialogue practitioner focusing on issues social justice and transformation. She is a Senior Fellow of Atlantic Fellowship for Racial Equity and 2016 multinational resident fellow at the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio. Her current areas of work include racial justice, food justice, gender, organisational change, intergenerational dialogues and various multi-stakeholder dialogues.

The greater part of her work before consulting was with a group of social innovators working on complex social issues using systems thinking methodology and scenario planning. She has been involved in Leadership initiatives innovating on the care of children in South Africa. Other projects included work in Food Security, Mining Safety, being part of a team facilitating health sector scenarios, Rural Poverty and social entrepreneurship. Her introduction to systems work was with Generon Consulting on a multi-sectoral project around Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.

Her work encompasses systems thinking, critical diversity literacy, deep democracy and constellations.

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