What African Constellations Graduates have to say about the training:

“The training was enriching, profound and life-changing both from a personal
and professional perspective. The material presented was theoretically and
experientially well-grounded and each trainer brought his/ her years of work
experience, observation and insights to the teaching. I felt deeply involved
and connected throughout the process- in mind, body and in soul – and
welcomed the invitation to follow my heart’s promptings to integrate
constellations teachings into my own clinical practice.”
Heather, Clinical Psychologist: Cape Town

“I have found this training to be invaluable and would greatly recommend it to anyone working with people and well-being. Tanja Meyburgh  is a solid and inspired teacher and has a gift for both doing the work and sharing it’s depth with learners.”
Niall, Traditional Healer: Cape Town

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the facilitator training as I love this work and its capacity to really amplify dynamics so the feeling world can be witnessed more clearly. I have worked with Tanja for about 7 years as a private client and really love the way she holds space in such a measured clear way so that there is time to see and assimilate the process.  I have found the training very thorough and expansive as there is encouragement to explore and experience different facilitators so one can get a feel for the work in different ways. I am looking forward to incorporating the training into my working world and will be forever grateful for the work done in my own family system.”
– Ayla, Midwife: Cape Town

“It is so easy to get stuck in, blinded and paralysed by the big and small dramas of life. Training with African Constellations (especially Tanja Meyburgh) has shown me possibilities to step out of the drama, see what is relevant, and step back into my own power. This is hugely valuable to me as a person and to my work as a consultant and coach.”
– Layo, Consultant and Coach: Cape Town

“Thank you for holding our individual and collective spaces as we undertook our deeply transformative journey and “container” for development.  Your training, supervision and teaching methodology was a hugely rewarding experience”
– Debbie, Integrated Health Practitioner: Cape Town

“We carry your wisdom and guidance as our teacher in our hearts with immense gratitude as we step forward to share this beautiful work with others”  
– Rene, Psychologist: Durban

“I am finding it mysteriously profound and life-changing, and the gentleness with which you hold and navigate the process feels so respectful, loving and kind – all of which touches me deeply”
– Training Participant: Cape Town

“I absolutely loved the course and found a huge amount of personal and professional value in it. I was amazed at how much I learnt through the experiential work, constellations and discussions. The project also helped to consolidate skills as well as gain more knowledge and understanding.  I never knew what a journey I started when going to my first constellations workshop.  However I have found more value in it than in most other courses and therapies I have done. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for  your gentle guiding approach and for all I have learnt as a person and a professional.”

– Karen, Clinical Psychologist: Johannesburg

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