This post is a subject assignment submitted by a trainee for Foundation Training 2016 (Cape Town).
Theory cannot be removed from observation of what is present phenomenologically in the client system.
It has been included here as a resource for students and graduated facilitators:

Bert’s Current Observations Nov. 2003 – Santa Barbara: Day 1

Bert: Within this field, anything that has been at any time still is, and it is in resonance with us and we are in resonance with it. Many members of our family from former generations still affect us now because this resonance is going both ways. Not always for the better; often for the worse. How can we interfere in the extended mind to where the problem began; the solution is achieved far back and no longer affects us in the present.

When there is schizophrenia, there was a murder (victim and perpetrator were both in the family), and those 2 affect the system and a person in it. Schizophrenia is not personal – it affects the whole family. You need only work with a member of the family, not the schizophrenic person. The main influence comes from those who were excluded. No one is more often excluded than a murderer and also their victim.”

Bert says: “We don’t need to know who the victim was, it wouldn’t add anything. We don’t need to know. Healing movement takes place without knowing exact information. This method goes against those who need to know. In the soul, there is a certain economy. The soul doesn’t show or do more than is necessary. Some want to improve on the soul. Behind this kind or work, it’s important that you grasp connections in a philosophical kind of way. There are far-reaching implications with schizophrenic patients and personal fates that seem very heavy to you and you feel sorry or have pity on them – what are we actually doing? We deny that everybody has his own destiny and that this destiny is, for him, the right one. If we have pity, we accuse the forces that act behind. In a way, we behave in a superior way, as if we could know what is right and good. We impose our judgments regarding their fate on them. Perhaps their heavy fate has more weight than our happy, cheap one. We must bow to each individual person and to whatever their fate or destiny might be. Then we become humble, when we ourselves are in real agreement with the fate of the other person. Not because we think right and wrong but because we follow the movement of these other forces and wait to be shown the next step.

During an intensive training on “Psychosis in the Family” I noticed day after day, client after client the same hidden dynamics revealed in the Constellations. Someone in the client’s family linage had experienced a difficult fate, usually a murder. This lead to someone in the current generation identified with both the victim and the perpetrator, causing a deep inner conflict, and carrying the burden of Schizophrenia, Bi Polar or possibly Autism.

“Schizophrenia is a family issue that goes through several generations. Schizophrenia is not a personal issue- it affects the whole family. You need only work with a member of the family, not the schizophrenic person. The main influence comes from those that were excluded. If you look at schizophrenia as an ill person, you cannot help. The system has an unresolved issue of murderer and victim. When the murderer and victim are both excluded, they are represented in one person. A schizophrenic person does service to the family out of a deep love. This deep love can point to resolution. The solution works for all members of the family.” Bert Hellinger

You may wonder how this is possible, that it could show up so often. But considering we are only a few generations from WWII and just a generation from the Vietnam War, and every conflict that has followed, it becomes much easier to understand. A few generations back, life was very different, people carried guns as a way of life, and accidents happened, people where run over by farm equipment, machinery, cars, and trains. I have worked with them all. In every case the perpetrator (even by accident) must be seen and included. It is profound. and it is this movement that brings peace and resolution to the family.I am continuously heartened and humbled by the depth and scope of this work, and its effect on those courageous enough to allow the truth to come to light, unburdening loved ones, and offering new opportunities to participate in life.

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