Inner Parts Constellations (for trauma)

This assignment was submitted as part of foundation training requirements in 2015. It has not been edited, and is intended purely as a learning resource for trainees and graduate faciltiators.

Understanding An Inner movement Constellation

In a traumatic experience, the body blocks all physical sensations and enters a state of shock. The connection between the situation as it is experienced and the psychological reaction are severed from each other. The memory of the traumatic experience is blocked out on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The person loses the fundamental inner connection with themselves and this disruption causes a state of confusion with their internal and external world, viewing it through a distorted mirror. It’s in this disruption, that the personality undergoes a split, in order to survive.

Professor Frans Ruppert, with his many years of experience, devised a process in working with the psychological splits caused by trauma. The splits cause fragmentation in the psyche. In his book, “Symbiosis and Autonomy” he reveals that “Inner healing, now called Inner Movement Constellation, is first and foremost a matter of coming into contact with one’s own split-off feelings and coming to terms with one’s own trauma.” The Inner movement creates an awareness for the client, exposing the inner conflict within their soul without having to dive into the actual event that may have caused harm.

The Personality Splits are explained as follows: –

  1. The Healthy Part – is the emotional structure that was able to develop in a healthy way prior to the traumatic event. This part includes perception, feeling, imagination, thought and memory and action that is able to develop and interact well. Above all, the part does not deceive itself and is full of energy, strength, vitality and joy for life and living.
  2. Traumatised Part – is the recorded experience of the Trauma. This part remains frozen in the energy, fear and pain. Triggers may bring this part into a state of alarm through images, smells, voices or physical contact which is then wrenched out of its hiding place into the present. But in this moment where there is pain, fear and anger, lies the great healing. Here lies unlocked life force potential waiting to be revealed and freed.
  • Survival Part – This part is under permanent stress using all its survival mechanisms and energy to ensure that the trauma does not come to consciousness and come into contact with any of the other parts. This Master Coper and deceiver does this through Avoidance, Control, Suppression and Denial of the trauma, Ignoring and Distractions, Submissive behaviour and latent Aggression, Compensation and Illusions. The survival part utilizes enormous amounts of resources to keep the trauma at bay. Physical, emotional and mental fatigue is one of the side effects.

The three parts lead separate lives and may be present at different times but the main function of the split is keep the traumatized part away from consciousness and feeling.

During an Inner Movement facilitation, the focus is on integrating the parts and not Consolidating them. The process of making the splits visible for client, providing they are open to the experience, they are able to sense various perceptions, moods and attitudes of the different parts of their souls through the representatives in the field. The client may become more clearly aware of the overall structure of her personality and the co-operation and conflicts between the different parts.

The client must be clear with her or his intention so the Survival Part is able to establish a framework for the changes it will permit for the Inner Healing occur. It’s the willingness of the Survival Self that the trauma may be processed and then the inner change is possible. The Survival Part needs to be still and not go into distractions or diversions. It needs to trust that its abilities are not lost but can be put to good use in a different form in a new overall structure of the soul. This is why it is important for integration to occur and not consolidation.

A new experience arises – each part may establish a new connection, which in turn reduces the pressure on the Survival part.

In the integration process of the parts, the bound up emotional qualities within the traumatized parts such as pain, fear, anger, helplessness, powerlessness are accessed, in a way that is free of the actual traumatic event. The energy that was used to keep the splits apart, are now liberated and available for the client to experience LIFE in all its fullness and grace. The client now experiences a new sense of wholeness within.



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