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African Constellations provides training in Systems and Family Constellations in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and other cities in Southern Africa  and the African continent on invitation. Our Foundation Training is based on a learning model that integrates embodied experience and theoretical understanding.

As well as highly qualified and experienced local trainers, our trainers have included international trainers: Dr Ursula Franke-Bryson, Bertold Ulsamer, Daan van Kampenhout, Frank Gallenmueller, Johannes Schmidt, Stephan Hausner, Guni Baxa and Francesca Mason-Boring, Tom Bryson and Marianne Franke-Gricksch.

At African Constellations, we are committed to acknowledging and honoring the first people of the African continent, as well as sources of knowledge that inform Family Constellation theory and practice.  Our aim is to build a local community of highly trained professionals in South Africa and offer uniquely African wisdom and experience to the international constellation community.

African Constellations now also produces dollies to be used for family constellations in individual therapy as its first women’s economic empowerment initiative in South Africa. We support mothers to learn doll-making as a source of income for their families, and help to market and distribute the dollies worldwide.

Creator of African Constellations:
Tanja Meyburgh has been involved in training Family Constellations facilitators in South Africa since 2004 as co-founder and director of  Family Constellations Africa which discontinued training in 2008.  In 2010 Tanja created African Constellations to continue a culture of knowledge sharing and learning that embraces our inherent wisdom and collective experience.  Tanja has a special interest in Systems and Family Constellations in the South African context and is an ongoing student of African traditional cosmology and lineage wisdom practices.


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